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Wattman Trains Upgrade Program

At Wattman, upgrading your train has never been smarter or easier.

We put this program together on requests from Wattman train owners.
From now on, we will accept your trade-in so you can upgrade to the latest edition train.

New regenerative drive, freedom to choose the wagons of your choice, custom colors.
Trade-in your Mini for a Maxi.

Everything is possible!

How does it work?

Wattman World will buy your old train and deduct the trade-in value from the purchase price of a new train.

Wattman’s Upgrade Program is exclusive to our existing customers located in North America and Europe.

Why should I be interested in the program if I haven’t considered trading in my train?

Many people are unaware of critical information about their train. A good example is when customers bring their train in for service and are stuck with large repair bills because they are unaware that their manufacturer’s warranties or service contracts have expired.

Also, we often see that over time the requirements for the train can change. For example, you have moved to a new location and you now need bigger wagons or another configuration for the wagons. For premium locations, you need a train in mint condition, etc.

Can I upgrade my train today?

Yes. Wattman World is currently offering quick upgrades to our latest generation-5 trains. Leverage the value of your present train to obtain the train you have been dreaming about. WE WILL MAKE IT SIMPLE.

What are the benefits of the Upgrade Program?

The Upgrade Program is just like purchasing a new train. Benefits include:

  • Easy trade-in. No hassle to sell your old train.
  • Our generation-5 trains offer reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Improved safety and security technology
  • Brand-new comfort
  • Why not? It’s fun to drive a new train!

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6 thoughts on “Wattman Trains Upgrade Program”

    1. We do not buy trains back without a trade-in, but we can sell your train under consignment.

      Wattman World has a large worldwide network where we can sell your train.

      Michel Trottier will contact you.

    2. arthur de munter

      Hi there,
      Do you have any pics of your train?
      Maybe I am interested for Belgium?
      For how many years did you use the train?


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