Wattman trains are trains that last

A feature story by Michel Trottier, International sales at Wattman.

I have been selling Wattman trains for over 11 years.During this time, I have participated either directly or indirectly selling over 600 trains throughout the world.I am often asked the lifespan of a Wattman and my typical answer is ‘at least 20 plus years for a well-maintained train’.

In 2007, we sold train W-158 to Twin Peaks Mall in Colorado. Since then, the original mall was torn down, and the property was redeveloped to become a new lifestyle destination that is now called the Village At The Peaks.

The train that was originally bought in 2007 continues to operate. David Galley of Wattman’s service department walked into my office and commented on how great the train still looked. I then started communicating with Terry Coulson, Operation manager the Village At The Peaks. Terry mentioned that he oversees the train’s maintenance but also drives it on occasion.

The train operates at The Village at the Peaks but is not limited to only operating on site.

Here is what Terry wrote me:

“I have also been in the Longmont Christmas parade last year and several years before that to lead the parade.  After the Christmas parade, we gave free rides for several hours down at the city park. We use the train for several events that we have throughout the year. I have had one every weekend since Memorial Day, and we’ll have it up until July 4th, and again the American Ninja Warriors are coming out to celebrate with us with a smaller version obstacle course good for children and adults. We have had just a few minor scrapes from past ride operators and recently transporting from one property to another for car show events, could use some matching touch up paint, but still looks good and is going strong. If there’s anything, I could do I would be more than happy to help we have really enjoyed and loved the train, and our principal owner is thrilled with it as well. Thank you so much for putting together and building a perfect train.”

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