Wattman Outdoor Editions

This month we delivered our latest generation of the Wattman Maxi Express Outdoor Edition to Namsskogan Family Park in Norway.

Our trains have always had the ability to operate outdoors and are proven in hot and cold climates. We have trains that run in winter in Moscow, as well as in summer in Indonesia and Australia. 

However, there are certain situations where waterproofing optimizes outdoor operations. If you are worried about rain, snow, wind and cold, we offer waterproofing options that combat these elements that allow continuous operations and relieve downtime due to the weather. 

These options apply to wagons and locomotives. Whether it’s winding windows on all units, windshield locomotives and a top-down door on the locomotive, upgrading with weather protection options will provide more comfort for your passengers as well as for the driver. 

Wattman Outdoor Edition | Nammskogan Familiepark


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