Mini Express

Looking for an unforgettable adventure that’s eco-friendly and flexible? Hop on board the Wattman Train, where no tracks are needed! You can take this train anywhere, inside or out with a battery-powered locomotive. Get ready for unparalleled freedom with the Mini Express by Wattman!

All aboard the iconic Wattman Mini Express!

With its stylish design and superior maneuverability, this train has been powering ahead for over two decades – making it a top pick of industry professionals.

Our Wattman Mini Express train is a perfect fit for operations where space may be limited, such as Malls, Shopping Centers, Amusement Parks, Family Entertainment Centers, Zoos, Amusement Rentals, City Parks, and many other locations.

Experience freedom like never before with the Mini Express by Wattman!

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Benefits Mini Express

Are you in the tourism, leisure, or retail industry and looking for a reliable, sustainable, profitable, and customizable transportation solution for your business?

Look no further than Wattman Trains.

Our trains offer unparalleled quality and performance, making them a preferred choice for many companies. 

More and more schools are choosing to purchase our attraction trains.

Not just for transporting children, but also as a fun entertainment option for community events.

City Park
City Park
City parks are the perfect location for a train ride, offering a variety of options either as a paid experience run by a commercial company or as a free service provided by the local government.

Let's hop on board and explore the beauty of urban nature with an unforgettable ride!

Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
For over 20 years, we've provided trains for shopping centers.

Our trains are operated by individuals who generate revenue through ticket sales, as well as by stores and malls providing convenient customer service.

Transforming indoor fun to outdoor excitement, train rides are the perfect opportunity for Family Entertainment Centers to bring their joy-filled experience to a mall setting to attract more business.

Hop aboard and enjoy the ride!

Attraction Rental
Attraction Rental
Trains are a timeless attraction that rental companies can utilize for a multitude of purposes, generating a great return on investment.

Don't miss out on this versatile and profitable rental option!

Farm Train
Are you in search of the ultimate attraction for your farm? Look no further!

A Wattman train is the perfect addition to impress your visitors.

Get ready to create unforgettable experiences with this amazing attraction.

Hotels & Resorts
More and more, we see Hotels & Resorts purchasing a train to create an unforgettable vacation experience for children and families.

Join the adventure that will leave memories to last a lifetime!

Camping site
If you want to give your camping guests an unforgettable experience, look no further than a Wattman train.

It's the perfect choice to make their stay truly memorable.

Looking for a valuable tool that can bring your community together?

Look no further than an attraction train for your church!

With endless possibilities for implementation, this train will prove to be a valuable asset to your community.

A train is a fantastic attraction for children and a stable source of income for zoos.

It's also an excellent opportunity to partner with sponsors.

Join us in creating a memorable experience for families while increasing revenue with our zoo train.

Amusement Parks
Amusement Parks
Trains have an irresistible charm that appeals to everyone, from kids to seniors.

You can achieve great returns with a small investment.

Don't pass up the chance to enhance your park with this timeless ride!

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Editions Mini Express

Get the perfect train with our Wattman Mini Express Editions! 

We offer endless possibilities to create your perfect train, but for those who want a quick and easy option, we’ve put together our top 3 best-selling editions. Choose the ideal fit for you and get ready to ride in style.


Starter Edition
  • Locomotive 48 volt
  • 3 Wagons of choice
  • Water Distribution System Batteries
  • Camera with Monitor Driver
  • 24-Months Warranty


The Allrounder
  • Locomotive 48 volt
  • 4 Wagons of Choice
  • Water Distribution System Batteries
  • Camera with Monitor Driver
  • Wheels in Motion
  • 24-Months Warranty

Unlock Flexible Financing Options for Your Mini Express Train Today!


Contact us to learn more about our financial options that fit your budget. Our rates are competitive, and we will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. With us, financing is easy and stress-free.

Properties Mini Express

Transform your train into your dream ride with our lineup of customized options.

Wattman trains are already packed with features, but we offer additional ways to tailor your ride to perfection.

Choose from a range of add-ons and make your train truly one-of-a-kind.

Wheels in Motion
Wheels in Motion
Adding realism to the Mini Express triggers a child’s imagination and captures the attention.

The Wheels In Motion rotate at variable speeds and in tandem with the speed of the train.

At our company, we offer complete creative freedom when it comes to designing our trains.

Customize the colors, incorporate your brand identity, unleash your imagination, and create the ideal train that reflects your vision.

Audio Package
Audio Package
Greet the kids on board. Deliver a safety message. Tell a joke…

PA-amplifier, auxiliary input, Microphone input, speakers, and 12-volt power supply in all wagons.

Smoke Machine
Smoke Machine
Elevate Your Experience with a Smoke Machine.

With just the touch of a button, drivers can now enhance their locomotive experience by producing smoke from the chimney.

This feature provides a touch of realism and excitement to any journey.

Camera Driver
Camera Driver
Our trains can be outfitted with an optional Forward vision camera with a monitor for the driver.

This system increases safety and offers the driver a good view of the blind spot at the front of the train.

Anti-Collision System
Anti-Collision System
The ACS is intended to improve the general public’s safety when the train is used in busy or confined areas.

When an obstruction is detected, the ACS processor will assume control of the train and either slow it down or stop it altogether.
The ACS is intended as an assistant to the operator/driver. We cannot guarantee that the system will accurately detect all obstacles.

Advertising Panels
Advertising Panels
With these advertising panels, you can easily install your corporate identity or advertisements. These panels are mounted on both sides of the wagons.

One large and two smaller panels on each passenger wagon, and for the caboose, there is also a medium frame on the backside of the last wagon.

Rooftop Advertising
Rooftop Advertising
The rooftop advertising frames can be used on the rooftop of the passenger wagons.

The wooden frames can easily be mounted in the slots which are available on the passenger wagons.

Protection Covers
Protection Covers
Protect your investment with original Wattman covers, which are designed specifically for the train. The covers protect against dust and water.

The covers are not suitable for a train to be permanently stored outside!

Sound in Motion
Sound in Motion
All our trains are equipped with our characteristic Sound in Motion system as standard.

Tthis system produces steam engine sounds based on the train's speed that makes the experience even more realistic

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Learn more about all our specifications?

All Wattman trains are equipped with our characteristic Sound in Motion system as standard; this system produces steam engine sounds based on the train’s speed, which makes the experience even more realistic.

Listen to our train sounds

A train operation with the appropriate certification

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to do your homework and verify if specific approvals apply to your operation.

All Wattman trains have been designed conforming to the requirements of
EN 13814:2019.; for the USA, this certification complies with ASTM F22912 and ASTM F1193.
The approval and testing procedure is conducted by TUV, an established Internation Certification Agency.

At Wattman, we understand that many of the rules are difficult to interpret, so we deliver these high approval requirements as standard on our trains. If additional information is required in your state or location, you can always rely on our professional support.

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Width112 cm | 44.13 in.
Length289,5 cm | 114 in.
Height177 cm | 69.5 in.
Weight 748 kg | 1650 lbs
Battery Pack8 Lead-Acid, 6 Volts, 225 AH
Charger120/230 VAC Universal Charger 50/60hz
Autonomy hours12-16 hours, based on 50% usage ratio
Recharge8 to 10 hours
Operating speed6 km/h |3.8 MPH
Motor/DriveAC induction motor with AC controller
Width82 cm | 32.28 in.
Length150.5 cm | 59.25 in. (Caboose 160.65 cm | 63.25 in.)
Height163.2cm | 64.25 in.
Weight wagons117 kg | 258 lbs
Max. load wagons204 kg |450 lbs / wagon
Length 8,7 m | 28.5 ft loco with 3 wagons
10,6 m | 34.8 ft loco with 4 wagons
Weight1100 kg | 2424 lb. loco and 3 wagons
1217 kg | 2685 lb. loco with 4 wagons
Capacity 3 wagonsApproximately 18 small children or approximately 12 adults and children
Capacity 4 wagonsApproximately 24 small children or approximately 18 adults and children
GradeMax 7% (loaded) or 4 degrees
U-turnU-turn capability: 5,5 m |18 feet (wall to wall)