Wattman Grand Express

The Grand Express, the best ride for any tourist location

If you manage or own a theme park or an amusement park, then you know how difficult it can be to make the right transportation choice for your visitors. Especially, with the many options on the market today, it’s a challenge to find one that will stand out! Our new Wattman Grand Express trackless Train is going to make a difference in many ways. 

The Grand Express can offer something more than just the typical amusement park rides and attractions. Firstly, It will provide an entire experience with Its charming designs and efficient layouts. Secondly, it will add a touch of whimsy and mystery to your park.

5 reasons to choose the Wattman Grand Express

We developed the Grand Express in response to customers’ requests for environmentally friendly people movers and tourism trains. The magical yet practical design is exactly what we envisioned when thinking about our company’s goals. No matter what type of park you run, our Wattman Grand Express ensures you’ll have a great time! Here are just some of the reasons why:

1. It's a family-friendly train that can accommodate all ages

The Wattman Grand Express Train is the new ride in town for the whole family. The train is an experience especially designed to entertain children, teens, and adults together. The Wattman Grand Express takes your visitors back to the steam engine era, with special effects to pump up the vibe. 

2. Accessibility is one of our core values

The Grand Express has a large sliding door of the wagons make it easy to hop on and off. A step automatically deploys from under each wagon, which makes exiting and entering more convenient. All steps are illuminated for safety. The Grand Express is accessible for people making use of a wheelchair and other mobility aids as well. 

3. Safety is our priority

To ensure customer safety, make sure that your trackless train is built to last and safe enough to withstand heavy use at an amusement park or outdoor location. The Grand Express was designed with flexibility and maneuverability in mind; this allows your passengers to feel comfortable on the ride. The Wattman World Trackless Train has been designed in accordance with international standards, ensuring that all components comply with safety requirements. As result, it ensures that passengers enjoy safe travel throughout their journey without exposure to external elements such as weather conditions. Wattman trackless trains build according to EN 13814:2004 – Fairground and Amusement Park Machinery and Structures – Safety).

4. The Grand Express is a super comfortable ride

All Wattman trains are uniquely designed and hand-assembled at our facility in Canada. The Wattman Grand Express has an aluminum chassis, a durable ABS exterior finish that makes them not only easier to maintain but also lighter than other wagons of their size on the market today. Moreover, the interior is spacious with easily accessible areas for maintenance which make upkeep less stressful both during travel and while they’re sitting idle between trips as well!

5. The Grand Express is Eco-friendly

Our Grand Express trains are built to be environmentally friendly. They’re made from materials that can easily be recycled and have a silent electric motor powered by an economical battery pack that only costs 9 KwH for a full recharge with the smart charger installed on it.

Order The First Edition of the Grand Express

The Wattman Grand Express is the perfect solution for all of your transportation needs at tourist locations. It’s an environmentally friendly and zero-emissions trackless train, ideal for outdoor operations like; Amusement parks, Zoos, Hotel resorts, Camping sites. You could operate the train as a shuttle service or use it for tours. With its sleek design and comfortable seats, it will be sure to impress everyone on board. Therefore, you won’t find another train like this one on the market today! It’s not only an amazing vehicle but also an incredible experience you can offer to visitors every day, including special occasions. 

Only a limited number of First Edition trains are available. Click on the button below now to learn more about how the Wattman Grand Express will move your customers in many ways. 

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