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We understand the difficulties that our customers worldwide are presently having during this unprecedented worldwide disaster, our thoughts are with everyone at this time.

As part of our continued support and commitment for our trains and our customers, we offer the following information to help to preserve the trains and he operating systems in good condition for the eventual resumption of normal activities in your operations.

The main battery of the train

The train battery will slowly self-discharge if it is not charged regularly, for a few weeks this is acceptable but anything over a month can cause damage and eventual failure of the battery pack.

The Delta-Q chargers fitted to all trains built since 2009 have a built-in feature to prevent this damage. All you need to do is to check that the battery plates are covered with the electrolyte (take care when checking as this is an acid mixture) and then plug the charger into the wall socket and leave it permanently connected to this supply, every 30 days the charger will activate automatically and recharge the train battery to a safe level. 

Battery Smoke machine

The smoke machine will also slowly discharge the battery pack if the train is not powered up and used, the smoke machine is only charging with the ignition switch turned ON.

Unfortunately leaving the train battery charger connected as above will not help to preserve the smoke battery.

There are two solutions:

  1. Open the front round door and disconnect the smoke battery and remove it to your home or garage, it can be recharged with a regular car battery charger at low power for no more than 1 hr, this will keep it in good condition.
  2. If it is not practical for you to remove the battery then disconnect the Positive battery terminal from its cable. This will at least preserve the battery in its present state.

Wheels and tires

Check and adjust the tire pressure (locomotive to 75PSI in the Rear tires and 55PSI in the Front tires, all wagon tires to be 55PSI). 

The other issue to prevent is that the rear loco tires will eventually take a “flat spot” if the weight of the loco is left in one place. The front tires generally don’t have this problem as the weight on them is much less.

Use a car jack to lift the rear wheels clear of the ground and position some suitable wooden blocks under the chassis in front of the rear wheels.

Technical Support

Please note that our service response people are presently working from home for there own safety, but they are still available through the Technical Support Reporting System for advice and for parts orders which is accessible at;  

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  1. One of the greatest set back for doing business with you is that you do not have a published pricing online…that makes it harder for most people to reach out to you coz they feel there’s too much unknown about owning a train, or worst doing business with you. That would be a great help of you make that change on web and see your business boom.

    1. Dear Pradeep, all our prices and offers are very easy to find on our website. Go to Get Pricing and fill in the form and you will immediately have access to our prices and you will also receive an access link by email to view them again at a later time.

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