Wattman Grand Express

The New Grand Express Train

We are proud to offer you our latest model train, the Grand Express.

The Grand Express is our answer to the significantly increased demand for environmentally friendly people movers. We designed this train, especially for outdoor locations where flexibility and maneuverability are essential.

The Grand Express is an environmentally friendly and zero-emissions train, ideal for outdoor operations like; Amusement parks, Zoos, Hotel resorts, Camping sites, Tourist destinations, Shuttle services, and many other types of activities.

The First Edition is our most exclusive version of the Grand Express and comes standard with almost all available options at a special introductory price. 

We have a limited number of First Edition trains available, which are available for delivery from May 2021.

Wattman is known for its high-quality and aesthetically pleasing trains that are easy to use when the available space is shared with pedestrians.

All Wattman trains are trackless and are equipped with a battery pack so that your train can be used flexibly and very environmentally friendly. 

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