Wattman MiniShuttle

A quiet, safe and environmentally friendly MiniShuttle.


Quality and Innovation are what have made Wattman the brand of reference when it comes to electric vehicles.

Creative engineering, crafted materials, meticulous assembly methods and customer service are second to none.

The new Wattman MiniShuttle revolutionizes sustainable indoor passenger transportation that can be used at; Airports, Hospitals, Factories, Shopping centers and many other locations.

Quiet, safe and environmentally friendly

Wattman manufacturer that designs and manufactures its electric-powered powertrain.

While many other companies build their people movers from a third party, the Wattman MiniShuttle is built and assembled at our factory in Canada. Because of this, Wattman has constantly introduced and integrated new features and options From the customer support perspective, it’s reassuring to know that all parts are in stock and that the customer that will contact technical support will talk to an engineer that designed the train.

The Wattman MiniShuttle comes with a 1-year warranty and international certification. Only a company that controls its production can stand behind the product such as Wattman does. We don’t simply dress up a people mover, we design and build it!

Wattman. Be moved

At Wattman we have a technical and a human task. We design and build our products for motion and emotion. Be Moved, not only physically with our Trains and Shuttles, but we also move our customers emotionally by offering them imagination, comfort, relief, safety, and excitement.

We know what your customers want to encounter and experience and are driven by the experiences of all these people. We want them to be happy and satisfied. In that matter, we are on the same track as our customers. Their clients are our clients.

By contributing to the wellbeing of our customers, we contribute to your; Revenues, Customer service, and Image. That’s what makes us excited.

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