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The journey of our Wattman Mini Express train started 20+ years ago. Many professionals consider It to be the best train on the market because of its elegant look and maneuverability. Moreover, investing in a Wattman train will last you for years. 

Our Wattman Mini Express train is a perfect fit for operations where space may be limited, such as Malls, Shopping Centers, Amusement Parks, Family Entertainment Centers, Zoos, Amusement Rentals, City Parks, and many other locations.  

All Wattman trains are battery operated and environmentally friendly. Additionally, they are trackless which offers flexibility in where your train goes on its journey. 

The Mini Express Trackless Train can be operated indoors as well as outdoors. 

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Properties Mini Express

Environmentally Friendly

Wattman trains are very environmentally friendly.

Our trains are built exclusively with environmentally friendly materials that are easy to recycle.

All Wattman trains are powered with a silent electric motor in combination with a battery pack that, in addition to superior autonomy, is also very economical with charging. A Wattman train only costs ± 9 KwH to recharge an empty battery pack with the built-in smart charger.

With proper maintenance, our batteries will last at least 2-3 years, after which they are easy to recycle. We have customers who even use the batteries for 5 years without any problems.

Due to the high build quality of a Wattman train, it will last 10 to 15 years!

Parts are also widely available for our older models.


The Mini Express train comes standard with a locomotive and 4 wagons of your choice.

We can also deliver this train as a 3-car configuration for smaller venues or to help you start your business at a lower cost; you can always choose to add an extra wagon later.

Wattman Maxi Express wagon configuration
Wattman Maxi Express Configuration
Wattman Train Configuration
Wattman Mini Express configuration alternative
Wattman Mini Express wagon configuration
Wattman Mini Express wagon configuration

You can choose the wagon model that fits your needs the best. You can choose the traditional combination: coal wagon, passenger wagon, and caboose OR only passenger wagons, it’s your choice.


Wattman is the only mall train manufacturer that designs and manufactures its trackless powertrain.

While all other companies build their locomotive from a third party industrial vehicle (a stock chaser), the Wattman Mini Express Trackless train is built and assembled at our factory in Canada.

Because of this, Wattman has constantly introduced and integrated new features and options such as Regenerative Drive. From the customer support perspective, it’s reassuring to know that all parts are in stock and that the customer that will contact technical support will talk to an engineer that designed the train.

Only a company that controls its production can stand behind the product such as Wattman does. We don’t simply dress up a locomotive; we design and build it! 


Our wagons are designed with an eye for detail, rich colors, high-quality workmanship, and premium components.

Standard Color Combinations

The most popular color combinations for the locomotive are Red with Yellow trim and Black with Red trim. We always build these locomotives in advance and carry them in our inventory.

Custom Colors

In addition to our standard color combinations, you can have your train made in almost any desired color combination at an additional cost. For solid colors with our signature paint finish, if motifs or corporate identity are desired, we apply them with durable sticker wrapping.

Specifications Mini Express

Width112 cm | 44.13 in.
Length289,5 cm | 114 in.
Height177 cm | 69.5 in.
Weight 748 kg | 1650 lbs
Battery Pack8 Lead-Acid, 6 Volts, 225 AH
Charger120/230 VAC Universal Charger 50/60hz
Autonomy hours12-16 hours, based on 50% usage ratio
Autonomy range
Recharge8 to 10 hours
Operating speed5,6 km/h |3.5 MPH
Motor/DriveAC induction motor with AC controller
Width82 cm | 32.28 in.
Length150.5 cm | 59.25 in. (Caboose 160.65 cm | 63.25 in.)
Height163.2cm | 64.25 in.
Weight wagons117 kg | 258 lbs
Max. load wagons204 kg |450 lbs / wagon
Length10,60 m | 34.8 ft (Locomotive + coalwagon + 2 passenger wagons + caboose)
Weight1218Kg | 2685 lb (Locomotive + Coal, + 2 Wagons + Caboose)
CapacityApproximately 24 small children or approximately 18 adults and children
GradeMax 7% (loaded) or 4 degrees
U-turnU-turn capability: 5,5 m |18 feet (wall to wall)

Standard Equipment

As standard, we deliver everything you need to be successful with our trains.

  • Depending on the configuration, 3 or 4 wagons
  • 24 Months Limited Warranty
  • Premium Support
  • EN 13814:2019 type approval
  • Locomotive 48 VDC | 12-18 hours of use on a single charge
  • Our characteristic Sound in Motion system
  • Built-in universal charger
  • Divers overall  with cap
  • Spare tire assembly wagon
  • 12- Volt Mini Compressor
  • Tool Kit
  • Safety nets between the wagons
  • Operators manual

Sound in Motion

To provide you customers with the most authentic possible feeling of traveling with a steam engine train, we have equipped our Mini Express Trackless Train with Sound in Motion systems.

The realistic sound effects based on speed and motion make your customers’ experience even more unique! 

Outdoor Use

Our Mini Express train has always had the ability to operate outdoors and is proven in hot and cold climates. So, for example, we have trains that run in winter in Moscow and summer in Indonesia and Australia. 

The Wattman Mini Express train is defined as an “off-road vehicle” as it is not designed or certified for use on a vehicular road or highway. This “off-road vehicle” designation or reference does not imply that the train can be driven over uneven, rough, damaged, or hazardous surfaces, including, but not limited to, Grass, Sand, Gravel, Snow and Ice, Curbs, Potholes, unfinished roads, debris, or other obstacles, or for any purpose for which the train is not designed.

We recommend using our trains on hard surfaces with low rolling resistance such as asphalt, pavement, gravel, etc. When using our trains on surfaces with little or no traction, the autonomy will be greatly reduced, and there is a risk of overloading the motor and batteries.

Sound in Motion

All our trains are equipped with our characteristic Sound in Motion system as standard; this system produces steam engine sounds based on the train's speed that makes the experience even more realistic

Optional Customization

Wattman trains are already very complete as standard,
and we also offer you various options to equip our trains according to your own wishes.

Anti-Collision System

The ACS is intended to improve the general public’s safety when the train is used in busy or confined areas.

It works by using state of the art ultrasonic detectors to sense objects, persons, and obstructions that may loom in the train’s path.

When an obstruction is detected, the ACS processor will assume control of the train and either slow it down or stop it altogether.

  • Detection parameters are programmable and are password protected.
  • System status is displayed on the LCD control panel.
  • Industrial microprocessor base for long-term reliability and accuracy.
  • No skilled knowledge to operate the system.
  • A simple, intuitive operation.

The ACS is intended as an assistant to the operator/driver. We cannot guarantee that the system will accurately detect all obstacles, people, small kids, dogs, cats, etc., under all circumstances.

Camera Driver

Our trains can be outfitted with an optional Forward vision camera with a monitor for the driver.

This system increases safety and offers the driver a good view of the blind spot at the front of the train.

Wheels in Motion

Adding realism to the Mini Express triggers a child’s imagination and captures the attention.

The Wheels In Motion rotate at variable speeds and in tandem with the speed of the train.

Audio Package

Greet the kids on board. Deliver a safety message. Tell a joke…

PA-amplifier, speakers, and 12-volt power supply in all wagons.

Plug your MP3 player into the amplifier. Create playlists.

The optional gooseneck microphone allows the driver to keep his eyes on the road while talking.

The 12-volt power supply is located under the seats of each wagon and  can be used for; party lights, lights in the carriages, and many other applications


Our weatherproofing options will optimize outdoor operations.

Weatherproofing locomotive

  • Front window with frame
  • Roll-up windows in the driver’s cabin
  • Extra sealing

Weatherproofing wagons

  • Roll-up windows
  • Coating DryVac

Smoke Machine

By simply pressing a button, the driver will instantly generate smoke from the locomotive chimney.

Advertising Panels

With these advertising panels, you can easily install your corporate identity or advertisements.

These panels are mounted on both sides of the wagons.

One large and two smaller panels on each passenger wagon, and for the caboose, there is also a medium frame on the backside of the wagon.

Rooftop Advertising

The rooftop advertising frames can be used on the rooftop of the passenger wagons.

The wooden frames can easily be mounted in the slots which are available on the passenger wagons.


Protect your investment with original Wattman covers, which are designed specifically for the train. The covers protect against dust and water.

The covers are not suitable for a train to be permanently stored outside!

Custom Colors

In addition to our standard color combinations, you can have your train made in almost any desired color combination at an additional cost. For solid colors with our signature paint finish, if motifs or corporate identity are desired, we apply them with durable sticker wrapping.

A train operation without the appropriate certification is a vulnerable operation

All Wattman trains are certified and comply with almost all regulations worldwide

The Mini and Maxi Express trains are EN 13814:2019 certified by TUV and comply with all European regulations. By complying to EN 13814, our trains are in harmony with many international standards as the USA, ASTM F22912, and ASTM F1193.

In countries outside the EU where European standards are not applicable, Wattman will interact with that country’s assigned compliance agency to obtain the proper certification required by local law. Recently, Wattman has worked with Israeli, Australian, and Singapore governmental bodies and obtained required certifications for each of these countries.

All this to say that there is no single answer. Therefore, it is important to do your homework and verify if any specific local regulation or national regulations applies to your operation.

Based on the EN 13814 approval we are in harmony with the following international standards:

International, ISO 17842 – Part 1, 2 & 3 Safety of Amusement Rides and Amusement Devices | USA, ASTM F2291, Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices | ASTM F1193, Standard Practice for Quality, Manufacture, and Construction of Amusement Rides and Devices | Canada, ASTM F2783, Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Operation, Maintenance and Inspection of Amusement Rides and Devices |Australia and New Zealand, AS 3533 part 1 & 2, Amusement Rides and Devices |Brazil, ABNT NBR 15926, Amusement park equipment |Russia, GOST R 52170, Safety of Mechanized Amusement Rides |GOST R 53130, Safety of Amusement Rides, General Requirements

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