Wattman Roll-up windows

How to restart your train operation

While spring has finally kicked in, most operators of our trains were forced to close their operations.

The reopening of operations all over the world is the most significant task on everybody’s mind right now.

The authorities will make many measures mandatory in the coming weeks to prevent further contamination as much as possible.

These measures will also have a significant impact on how you can use your Wattman train. One of the most important measures will be distance, so you can transport a family in a wagon, but probably not several people from different families. Additional steps are, therefore, necessary to keep a reasonable distance.

With our roll-up windows, you can effectively close the wagons, which minimizes exposure to other people. The windows are, of course, also beneficial when you want to use the train outside.

The windows are supplied in a complete set, making it very easy to assemble yourself.

For more information, please contact our sales advisors.

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