7 Questions to ask when buying a train

The purchase of a train is probably not something that you do every day. To help you, we have listed the 7 most frequently asked questions that you absolutely must ask every supplier.

Does the train have the correct certification?

This is perhaps the most crucial question you must ask your supplier!

Certification is often dismissed as “we have CE” or something similar, but is this sufficient to meet the requirements that apply in your country?

Of course, you can buy a train, and we think we can, and if there is a problem we will solve it, but also consider your liability and the fact that your insurance does not pay if you do not comply with the regulations.

All Wattman trains have been designed in conformity with the requirements of EN 13814 :2019 – Fairground and Amusement Park Machinery and Structures – Safety.

Based on the EN 13814 approval we are in harmony with the following international standards: International, ISO 17842 – Part 1, 2 & 3 Safety of Amusement Rides and Amusement Devices | USA, ASTM F2291, Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices | ASTM F1193, Standard Practice for Quality, Manufacture, and Construction of Amusement Rides and Devices | Canada, ASTM F2783, Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection of Amusement Rides and Devices |Australia and New Zealand, AS 3533 part 1 & 2, Amusement Rides and Devices |Brazil, ABNT NBR 15926, Amusement park equipment | Russia, GOST R 52170, Safety of Mechanized Amusement Rides |GOST R 53130, Safety of Amusement Rides, General Requirements

In the event that you need assistance with certification, our engineers are always there for you.

Is it too good to be true?

During your research for a beautiful and reliable train, you will find a supplier that delivers exactly the same train at a much lower price.

You will receive beautiful photos that look suspiciously like a more expensive product, and the specifications are the same.
Is this really the case?

Always research the supplier, search on social media, ask for references, and contact customers who actually bought and use the product.

We move more than 25 million passengers per year and can be found in over 60 different countries.

What kind of support can you expect from the supplier? 

With the substantial investment, the focus is often on the price, which is understandable in itself.

A train is an investment for a more extended period, so the question is whether the purchase price is essential or the support you receive. Without support, a good buy can quickly become a bad investment.

Know that Wattman World will always be here to provide excellent customer service. 

Whether you have a new or older train, you can always count on the support of our company for technical support or parts.

Our company has been around for over 20 years, with more than 800 satisfied customers around the world.

How is the Return on Investment?

When purchasing a train, always look at the period that you want to use the train.

It is tempting to only look at the price when purchasing a new train, but is this wise?

A Wattman train is certainly not cheap, but you will get a reliable train that will last a very long time. The last thing you are waiting for is a train that is regularly out of order. Every disruption is a loss of income and annoyance to the customers or the location for where you operate.

We have customers who have been using our trains for more than 15 years and can still get support and parts from us.

Move your clients and boost your business

Is the train environmentally friendly?

With a battery-powered train, you would think it is environmentally friendly, is that true?

It is not only the drive that makes a train environmentally friendly also think of the origin of raw materials with which the train is built and the paint that is used.

Wattman trains are completely manufactured in Canada where we meet stringent regulations concerning the raw materials that we use in our products and the production itself.

Wattman trains are fully recyclable.

What about Delivery?

You buy a train, but how do you get it at your location?

Shipping is often the most challenging part of the purchase since not everyone is aware of how you transport something internationally arrange the import formalities and have the train delivered on location.

At Wattman we take care of this exactly as you wish!

We ship our trains from our warehouse in Granby (QC) Canada and Almere the Netherlands. We deliver Door to Door, CIF or Ex-works. We guide our customers for the entire process.

Is the train suitable for me?

Always remember that a supplier does not like saying no to a customer!

Always investigate whether the train offered is the best choice for you and whether the supplier has already delivered trains at comparable locations.

A Wattman train is suitable for many applications but unfortunately not all. We must occasionally advise our customers to look for a different supplier.

Our trains are used by our customers at shopping centers, zoos, holiday parks, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, city parks, attraction rental companies, museums, event companies, and many more. 

Do you have other questions?

Feel free to contact our sales advisors without any obligation.

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